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What is a "Special Order"?

One meaning of "Special Order" is when you wish a Custom Lei similar in style to one appearing in the Store or on the website, but you request specific changes such as custom:

specific materials,
 and/or special embellishments.  

An order for a custom lei in a style other than the more traditional "Graduation" Lei, results in a truly unique graduation lei.  

The "All Things Ocean" is an example of a Special Order placed for a young lady's birthday. 

Another meaning of "Special Order" is when you wish to purchase a lei of the style and in the colors appearing on the website, but that lei is not in stock and must be made specificaly for you.  

How do I place a Special Order?

Select the style of lei you like, from this website or some other source.  First, determine what length you wish the lei to be, and then consider what changes, if any, you would like to make to the Lei.  With this information in hand call or email us to discuss the lei you have in mind like.  

Remember, a custom lei is like a gourmet can take some time, so be sure to order as far in advance as possible.  Be sure to have a target deadline in mind...the date by which you want to receive your order.

Even if your "vision" for what the lei will look like isn't quite complete, call and discuss it with us.  Often we can make suggestions you might not have thought of and, if you are in front of your computer, we can show you examples that can be customized to suit the purpose you have in mind.    

Updated:  1/7/2013